Questions on source control

I’ve been able to get Perforce up and going and my project into it with a minimum of fuss, but I have some questions about it.

First, I’m assuming I don’t need to have the Autosaves and Backups dirs as part of the source control right? Anyone else working on that project shouldn’t need access to those folders.

Second, are there any other folders in an unreal project that I can exclude for the sake of efficiency? It doesn’t make sense to be storing any more data then is needed.

And lastly, when renaming a file, it doesn’t seem to actually rename it. Instead, it makes a new file with the new name. However, that leaves the old file intact as well, just hidden from view inside of UE. If I copy a whole set of assets and rename them all, I end up with twice as many assets as I should. For an example, let’s say I have 4 versions of a mesh where the mesh and texture are unique per mesh but they all source from the same master material so I set up the material instances for one version, then copy those instances to a different folder and rename them for another version. When I do that, I end up with a folder containing the assets I copied, and the newly renamed assets as well, even though only the renamed assets show up in UE. This is leading to a ton of data bloat in my project. Is this normal behavior for a source controlled project or am I seeing a bug here? If it is normal, can I turn it off?

I appreciate any help you can bring. Cheers,