Questions on movement in UE4

Greetings, community,
I have several questions on character movement in UE4. I would appreciate if you could let me know how to implement some of these ideas.
1: I would like to set s and f to step left and step right respectively. Currently, they turn the character ninety degrees to one side and walk that way.
2: (Continuation of above) I would like to limit the amount of steps the character takes to either side and backwards to one.
3: I would like to limit how far the character’s head can turn. I am using a third-person template with the camera moved inside the character’s head.
4: I would like to know if I can change the stance of the character without creating a new model (and, if so, how).
5: I would like to know how to set controls for the character to step diagonally.

      Thank you in advance for your help,

EDIT: The keys that I will use for movement will be E, S, D, F (forward, back, left, and right), and W, R, Z, V (diagonals), not that this is particularly relevant.

  1. take a look at the couch knight demo -> you will have to enable “use controller rotation yaw” in your character bp + this in your anim bp (pic1) + this in your blendspace


red = idle
green = back
blue = left/right

  1. just use other kind of animations for that. e.g when the player pesses a key it sets a bool variable to “true” and changes the state from “normal animations” to “other animations”