Questions on Implementing More Than Two Player Characters

So first off the goal is to add different races/species (to be honest we all want to play as a dinosaur) that the player can spawn as (each preferably with their own attributes).

So is there way we can add them in through the Player Character Gender Definitions? Can we add more than two Gender Definitions? If not than can you please add this functionality?

Is there some other easier way to get this done? Thanks for the support just digging up as much of the dev kit as I can to assess the feasibility of a dinosaur mod.

There is someone already doing just that, and under the gender definitions you are free to add as many definitions as you like. So I don’t see how this wouldn’t be possible.

I know there are quite a few people working on this. TheLastRoman is trying to make the playerpawn a raptor I am trying to make it so players can be raptors or carno’s for instance. Now I have looked into trying to add new elements to the gender definitions (in the PrimalGameData_BP) but it seems I can’t add or delete any elements. Even if I try to copy and paste them in. Here is an image below. I am sure there is a simple way but I am just forgetting it somewhere.