Questions on Gameworks SDK 3.1

hi people,

few days ago GW sdk 3.1 has been released and to my joy volumetric lighting is one of the features.
new to unreal and just got the VXGI running.

i have a couple of questions, for anyone more in the know:

  • is volumetric lighting completely independent of the VXGI system?
  • as a newbie, is my only option regarding volumetric stuff to wait for the generous souls like galaxyman to compile them for us?
  • what is the general relationship of UE and nvidia tech? is it bound to be something that is fully supported in later builds or will it continue to be a separate branch to compiled on our own.
  • nvidia also released the source code to gameworks. is it fair to speculate that this will lead to a wider and tighter integration of the tech?

i have scoured many threads and could not find the answers.
any thoughts are much appreciated.

I dont have any answers to your questions unfortunately, but I am pretty much dying to get my hands on the SDK to begin integration work with UE4.11. Even tho its been released, I cannot find any information on how to get my hands on it. I have emails pending with Mike and Alexey, so hopefully soon I can begin, and get something for people to try up and going quickly.

an answer from the man himself:)

thank you very much. i guess i will be in your wake then.
extremely glad to hear you are keen.

have great weekend!