questions/help for creating a 2.5d sidescroller

Hey everyone i was just wanting to know some general info on creating a 2.5d side scroller like trine or batman arkham black gate, like is the preset 2d platformer a good place to start? or should i start from scratch? If anyone has any tuts that would be really awesome :slight_smile:

The Side Scroller template is the one you want, as 2.5D means you will still need a 3D world but want to restrict movement on single plane (probably the Y axis but this depends on the way your level is oriented).

Depending on where you want to go with the game you can use or delete the main character that comes with the template, for example I am making a more basic 2.5D game for mobile and just have a player pawn locked on the Y axis.

If you want the character to be able to move into the foreground or background you will need to do a bit more work - ask some more specific questions if you like and we can try and help.

Shouldnt it in this case be even easier to accomplish.
Use one of the Third person templates, create a long narrow level and place blocking volumes at the edges so the palyer doesnt fall off (unless you want him to)

Assuming it’s fully 3D movement in a 2D style camera orientation, yes.

But for something where the movement commands are all in 2D while the camera rotates to allow one path to move into the foreground and another to move into the background, for instance (a la Goemon’s Great Adventure), or for a flat 2D plane of movement which is bent through 3D space (a la Klonoa, MMX8, etc) planar movement constrictions don’t work and 3D movement would be awkward for the player (since they’d have a “forward” command which is nonfunctional 98% of the time and absolutely necessary the other 2%).

Indeed, locking to a plane will will not help for foreground and background movements - I use it because I use physics thrusters and need to keep my character from spinning off axis.

If you are looking to have the player automatically move into the foreground of background this thread may help: [](

As mentioned above fully 3D movement with a locked side camera would be even easier.

I like the main idea for this. but what if you dont want the player to follow a path, but make their own?