Questions from new and ambitious modder.....Creating new type of item

Had an idea to create an exoskeleton for players to wear:
1.would run on gas.
2.would allow players to carry a lot more.
3. would give a melee damage multiplier.
4. would have multiple attachments for different tasks (speed/offence/defense/underwater).

Since it has properties of multiple types of game assets and would be animated like a character and skinned to the entire body, I am not sure where to start…

I am familiar with 3d software, am decent with modeling and texturing, so i am capable of creating the 3d assets.
Brand new with UE and modding, but I have done some application development, so concepts are not completely foreign.
First goal would be to get a model into the game and properly skinned…
I know how to create,say, a new weapon by exporting an item (say an axe) in fbx, break the skin in 3d app and replace it, skin it to the particular bone at the end of the chain, and reimport it into ark…
How would I go about doing this with an item that skinned the entire character? I see the skeleton chain in my 3d app, but the skeleton doesnt show up in a way that I can model a full body item for skinning.
Any ideas for where to start would be most appreciated.


What is the implication of it running on gas?

Only requiring a fuel… something to supply power. I felt gas would be the easiest, since there are no batteries in the game and I wouldnt want to have to figure out batteries before I was able to create the exoskeleton.

not sure on how to do powered asked but i dont think anyone knows, inv is a inv bp in the components but thats on structures and dinos, if u wish to add a buff to a character when wearing the thing its got a box for that in the bp. update 200 broke my game but as of now i just cast anything to the character for input then a key input but ill post a graph when the kit is fixed… as for owner of the effect im assuming its the wearer (i dont no how to get owner of an obj) and powered im trying to figure out atm if i figure it out ill post a vid

So gas is just being used as a timer/countdown? (I wasn’t sure if you were asking about particle effects, as the gas left the exoskeleton).

Export a skinned piece of equipment, boots for example. Or export human male/female base model to get the whole human skeleton. If you use the human base mesh, you can easily model around the human body.

yes, its just a fuel timer. Exoskeleton would cease to operate until refueled.

edit:thanks Pontori! I’ll take a look at that.

I’m working on something similar, remodeling existing armor, using ‘damage’ as a pseudo power consumption timer, takes damage over time, repowers by repairing it in a generator using fuel as a repair resource.

Since nothing like this already exists in the game, you would have to Blueprint out the design and functionality for the exoskeleton (buffs exists, but not the “powered” option and fuel consumption). Then you would have to decide whether or not you want this to just be a variation of armor (the next tier of armor after flak armor) or if you want to have it be completely independent and use an entirely different slot. Since there is currently a head, chest, arms, legs, and feet slot, you would have to also add a new slot (via blueprinting) onto the player pawn models.

Animation should be too hard though, since you just attach the exo suit to the the correct “bones” of the skeleton you are working with (I think… I haven’t played with animation much)

oh it look like some of the armor of minecraft mod (like the one add by ic² for example) ! really looking for that !

the way mechanizedIT is going seem to be a good one, for the accessory thing, i would look at how they did the attach for weapon and use that as a model to make it (like for the ammo of weapon too, making for example the helmet take a new glass that will improve night vision or one that will incorporate a zoom and so you need to choose the one you want :stuck_out_tongue: and activating it with a right click)

really interesting gankey69 looking forward to see how you did it :slight_smile: