Questions From an Ambitious Beginner

Hi all, I am looking to get into the modding scene and I have a very specific concept in mind for a new SotF Game Mode called The Conqueror’s Stair.

My first question is, do I need anything to create a Map for SotF beyond the latest Ark: Dev Kit? Is there a specific download for SotF Logic/Blueprints and Files?

And secondly, within the scope of what I want to do is having two large tribes that players are automatically sorted into upon joining, having certain parts of the map locked from tribes until they complete specific goals, having certain parts unlock after specific time periods, having text flash onscreen to indicate when you’ve entered a new zone or an event has started, and having one specific area which the tribes can PvP in (without permanent removal from the match) prior to the final PvP Round that determines the victor of the match. Is that within the scope of what I can do on a Map or would I need to make it a Total Conversion with different parameters entirely?

Thank you,