Questions from a noob who doesn't have UE4!

Hello! I asked this question before and I got shut down immediately! I didn’t really care at the time. But since then I have gotten confused! So here are a few questions from a noob!

I have been recently watching tutorials of how to do stuff in UE4, and seem very interested. I have a few questions about a few things.

  • Can animations be made from within UE4’s persona?
  • Are you allowed to create games for free and not have to deal with that nasty 5% thing?
  • And finally, WHY IS UE4 SO AWESOME? [Optional]

Well, these are my questions.

And by “made from within UE4” I actually and physically mean it. Can you do a key by key frame event thing?

It’s in there now where you can make animations in UE4, but I really don’t recommend it, the animation tools in 3D programs are much better
If the game is free, then you pay nothing. You wouldn’t be able to anyways, since the 5% has to come from somewhere. Be aware though, if you make ad revenue off the game then you have to pay royalty on that, even if you don’t specifically charge for the game.

UE4 is awesome for many reasons, but to name a few:

  • Awesome community and Epic staff. Very friendly people here, and an overall great environment to work and learn in. Community spotlight also helps to highlight and promote the cool things developers are doing with UE4.
  • Great support. Whether through documentation, video tutorials, continuous updates and added features, or the aforementioned community and staff.
  • Only 5% royalty. Opens up AAA development tools to your everyday indie developer. =)

It’s pretty funny whenever I see someone asking about paying 5% on free games. Even assuming the $3000 floor were not in place, what, exactly would 5% of nothing be? Let’s just say that yes, yes you do. You have to pay 5% of nothing, which would be nothing. :rolleyes:

Because of the community and all the cool features. :smiley:

Yep definitly the community! (People Like fighter5347 are aplenty. :slight_smile: ) And Epic Is always helping us out. They will answer back When you ask them a question!
Plus it helps that Epic’s 5% deal is such a… Well… DEAL!

Basically because of blueprints. Not only they are easy to understand and fun to work with, but they help non-coders make games quite easily, if not WAY too complex.

Never expected to get this much replies!
Thanks for helping.