Questions from a beginner who's thinking of switching from Unity

The money thing

The first thing that i wanted to know as soon as i came here was can i get a trial version, because i would like to try it first and then decide if i like it more or less than Unity (i started Unity quite recently). The FAQ clearly states that cancelling subscription results in no penalty, so i could effectively pay $19 once, cancel right away, and then continue learning. All i lose are future updates. So my “trial” version costs $19, correct?

But that also means that i can continue making and publishing games forever and ever, and all i ever paid to Unreal was $19 one time and 5% off my profits, as long as i’m comfortable not getting updates. Is that really true?

The computers specs thing

My computer runs on Pentium dual core 2.0 GHz and 2 GB RAM which is well below the recommended specs. Is this engine really that demanding just to start using it? Unity runs fine here, and so does Blender. I’m sure i can kill my computer if make a complicated enough game, but for starting and making simple (3D) games it works very comfortable.

  1. yep, just pay 19$ and then just cancle your subscription -> you will be still able to use the engine. You dont have to resubscribe when you want to release your game -> so you will just have to pay 19$ + 5% from the money that you earn: If i cancel subscription, will i be able release when done? - UE4 AnswerHub

About the specs I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to run it properly. :confused:

What kind of graphics card are you running? After putting an upgrade in my machine (a rather substantial video card mind you) I found significant improvement in performance without upgrading anything else.

Might be worth a shot on your system if you can swing 1 month and expect a loss if it doesn’t run. Just wouldn’t suggest you judge performance based on the demos, they might make your machine whimper and cry.

Nvidia GeForce 6200 TurboCache.
Eventually, as soon as i can afford it, i’m going to upgrade my computer…

Which reminds me of another issue. When i want to do a fresh install of the Unreal engine on a new computer or reinstall it on my existing computer, am i able to redownload it later by logging in with my existing account after i already cancelled paying the monthly fee? I currently have a laptop and a computer and i use Unity on both with the same login, does Unreal allow that as well?

Yep, you can still download it after your subscription has expired

I think there wont be any problems when you use unity and ue4 with the same login :slight_smile:

No i didn’t mean Unity clash, i realize they have nothing to do with each other. I mean can i install Unreal on two computers by having one account? (although it might not run on both or either of my current computers)…

But basically this means i can buy it now, and then regardless of whether or not it works on this computer, i will still be able to download and install it on a new computer without paying again?

Oh ^^ yes, you can do that (I also use the UE4 on my laptop and Pc)

You won’t be able to use the editor on that machine. It is really old hardware.

I run with 6 gigs of RAM and I wouldn’t want to try with anything less - I think you will probably need to upgrade before you can run the editor properly. It’s pretty well optimized but you still need a pretty beefy system, which isn’t surprising considering everything that’s going on in the editor.

What is this thing and why is it free?

Is that the same thing, only free because a newer version is out?

I couldn’t check out what it does exactly because my graphic card “doesn’t support alpha blending with floating point render targets”.

It’s the free version (no source code) of the **UE3 **:slight_smile: