questions for ue4 and ut4

I fixed the xinput1_3.dll
I dl’d ue4
How long is it suppose to take to load?

Is the actual gane suppose to come out in 2015?

All questions regarding UT should go on the UT Forum here -

Depending on what you are trying to load, it could take 10 seconds to 10 minutes to load and compile shaders (depends on the complexity of the project).

Please don’t double post, and if you have any further UE4 general questions, post them into the General Discussion forum, the feedback forum is for suggestions to epic to make ue4 better.

As DotCam already mentioned, please post UT questions into the UT forum + dont post double posts :wink: start up UE4 - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums

I will close this thread now :slight_smile: