Questions for Epic Games in regards to Paragon Assets


I’ve been asking for a while now…

When are more of the Assets that were stated would come out in Spring and in Summer for Paragon going to be released? We are now into July and I know I’m not the only one waiting for more content to be released as was stated? At least give us a time table that will work with your schedule… But it’s never a good idea to leave a very loyal fan base in the dark. If anyone from Epic Games could please give a response, this would be most helpful. There are still a lot of characters that people are waiting for Steel & Sparrow… Just to name a few… When Epic Games announced the release of the Assets for Paragon, I know I’m not the only fan to state what an awesome gesture this was by Epic Games… I couldn’t wait to see what could be done with such great content… But the Assets are incomplete. Characters missing that were the ones that started the game that should have been included… Steel & Sparrow… Just to name a few…

And I know when I read this line from Epic Games I was thrilled to know that more were on the way…

More to Come: Epic will release millions of dollars worth of additional Paragon asset packs beyond the initial $12 million offering through spring and summer 2018.

[SIZE=16px]M[/SIZE]ore were on the way “Beyond the initial $12 million offering Through SPRING and SUMMER of 2018.” I felt the need to point this out. All I’m asking of Epic Games to be completely fair is to keep to your word. I understand that these releases are No Longer a Priority but I ask on behalf of all the remaining fans of Paragon, would you please not keep us in the dark. Getting no responses, being ignored, no comments, no explanations, no accountability to stand by your word which is a big deal. I know that you have the power to drop it all together and forget Everything that is Paragon. I humbly state that I’m so very glad that you haven’t and it is my wish that you don’t. Please do what you can to keep your honor in tact. It’s all that any great game company has. a Great Engine, a Great Game can only get you so far. Any Dev can tell you, Support is paramount…

I ask that if I’ve left anything out, Characters, Content, Assets, Maps what ever it may be that I left out, please any fan or community member reading this mention it below…

I further ask that Epic Games or at least someone that has the Answer, Can get the Answer and Post it here please do so before the end of July. I feel that is more than enough time to formulate an arrangement within the Whole that is Epic Games to bring your honor to the table and use what ever help you need in providing your answer to the public.

Thanks for your time.

Anyone who has questions or just wants answers too please leave any further questions/answers you have on this topic below…

Bump this, I am waiting for Steel too.

My request is for them to remove all these assets, the marketplace is no place for freebies. :stuck_out_tongue:

At the very least, put out some documentation for the workflow they used for hair.

Also interested in this.

You could help out by stating what it is that your interested in.

What is known is Epic is putting the assets into a more constructive packaging rather than dumping the raw assets. Animation BP’s for example is being reworked as to usability so that they can be used in unique projects and not just in a Paragon clone.

i know this is probably not included, but i love to see some of the networking code that went into Paragon.


 So as an update, Animation blueprints have been released for the assets that we have already been given... but no new assets as promised... The release of the animations is great and all. Please don't misunderstand... It's a start in the right direction but When are we going to see the other characters release? Some of them started the Paragon game and gave it a sense of balance. Looking forward to a response other then being told to keep an eye out would show some kind of promise. Late August, Early September, By Halloween, After Thanksgiving or Before Christmas as a well owed gift to your loyal devs that have been waiting for a date that just hasn't come... We were told more would be released in spring and summer... Got nothing in Spring, nothing the 1st two months of summer. Just looking for some follow through. even if the characters are starting off how the 1st set we were given. That is fine... Progress is progress... Give us some kind of date you can work with... like everything will be released by ____________ or _____________ & _____________  Epic fills in the blanks... This is all I ask.