Questions by a noob

Apologies if this is in the wrong section, I have a few questions about Unreal Engine.

  1. On the registration page it says “You can cancel your subscription at any time and continue using the engine, though foregoing future updates.” Does this mean I would be able to purchase one month, download the SDK, cancel my subscription, develop my project for a few months, then re-subscribe and sell my game without paying for the intermediate months?

  2. I’ve been watching a few of the official tutorials on youtube and I saw that Visual Studio is used for a lot of the programming. Will Visual Studio 2013 Express work for this or do I need a specific flavor of Visual Studio?

  3. Not a super important question like the other two, but what, in your opinions, are the best tutorial resources? I haven’t done any research for myself since I have no idea what I’m doing yet, and I thought I should ask the community what they recommend.


  1. Yes, but you don’t even need to resubscribe to sell your game.
  2. Technically, you could even use notepad. (Don’t, though). Or, you could just Blueprint it.
  3. Start with the official Unreal tutorials, and then look around. I prefer to break down what my game requires me to learn, and then google for relevant tutorials. -> here you can find everything

  1. Visual studio express is just fine.

Thanks, all!