Questions and Suggestions.

Hi. I am currently learning UE4 through the “Massive UE4 Tutorial List” and while I saw some really amazing features, and I wanted to ask some stuff.


Can I do open world / “Open Universe” games?
One of the reasons why I quit learning Source engine is that you could only make small maps. Source was designed to very rubbished computers, since you could optimize even an a atom (lol don’t get angry source developer). The question is, of corse after I finished learning (and when I get a better computer) I will make some 1-5 maps games, to test some concepts, get some experience and show what I can do to people. Now the quesiton is: can I make an entire galaxy inside UE4? I am ambitous to make something like 25 planets where 8 are full civilizations (including earth), and the player can explore every planet. Of course, I ain’t making the entire planet (some planets you could only visit the business area, or help on some civil war etc).


After bringing the subject up I may as well ask.

I didn’t saw anything about it on the massive UE4 tutorial list (yet), and wow on the Source engine (sorry for bringing source engine too much :/) I learned a way of optimization into the very first tutorial.

Is there optimization right?

More stuff!

This is mostly to the community. After finishing the massive UE4 tutorial list, I’ll assume that I still don’t have money to build a new computer, so I might especialize myself in more user based tutorial (they cover great tricks) and stuff. You guys have any suggestions of what I should see? Suggest as many as you want



If by any chance there isn’t optimization (OR NOT ENOUGH) ADD MORE
Optimization is the true son of all gods of the gaming industry! With enough optimization someone can run Skyrim on a laptop!

Update these tutorials

One problem while watching the massive UE4 tutorial playlist is that it was uploaded on 2014.
It’s been 2 years, don’t you guys think it’s time for an upgrade? Ok maybe not all the videos are outdated but still you guys should at least update the videos with wrong information, by reuploading new ones! Thanks in advance.

Thanks for reading until here, I would suggest more but since I have no ideas lol. Ok maybe some community challenges every year or something.? That would be cool.

Forgot to ask: coop? What about it? Any info anywhere? I want to make that space game entirely coop.