[Questions and Information] Checklist for UE4 and Other Programs used.

Really starting to get in on UE4 hot and heavy here lately. Finally uninstalled all the games on my comp and pretty much turned it into a development PC again.

At the moment I have the following programs downloaded and been slowly doing different stuff in each one. Was a photographer for 12 years so I already had Photoshop from years ago.

Photoshop w/ Quixel 2.0
Maya 2016
World Machine
Visual Studio 2015

What other programs would be useful or helpful to go along with these?

Since Blender and Maya are pretty much 3d modeling programs, I will most likely learn one more over the other and after a while probably slowly stop using one of them.

My main goal for this is to pretty much get a general checklist of all usable programs to successfully start and finish a game inside of UE4. From creating landscapes using World Machine to making characters in maya / blender, and so on. Also I would like to setup on MY machine a list of programs to use that won’t be duplicated. As I know there are tons of 3d modeling programs, but no reason for me to have 4 or 5 different ones when one will do the job, less programs to learn that way.

Appreciate the responses I get.

seems like a fairly complete list but you will probably need something for creating/editing sounds as well.

Thank you, forgot all about sound.