Questions about XBOX development

So after a year of very very hard study in UE and C++, I will soon finish my first proper polished game, which I will soon be releasing a demo version of. Obviously as a solo developer its not an AAA epic, but for one person its pretty ■■■■ good IMO. Obviously upon release, its for the public to decide…

As ive been developing 16hours a day into 4AM for months, Im obviously a bit mashed in the head in regards to other things I need to do. I dont initially plan tro start a company until the demo is released and I receive feedback, but I would like to continue learning UE, with a plan to developing for XBox.

So I signed up for the indie licence on Microsoft thinking that I could access XBOX, but this is not actually the case with unreal engine, which i need. So ive tried to apply for id@Xbox, but as ive no compaany, website or promo materials to show, I suspect that my application will be rejected.

OK, but obviously I can fix this when time allows, but my real concerns are that I cannot afford another 6 months of unpaid dev time if XBOX development is ‘involved’

So when I am accepted into ID, and assuming all goes well with receiving the XBOX version of Unreal from EPIC, how difficult is it to

  1. Implement all the requirements of XBOX certification - I have 0 idea on what needs to be done as its all behind an NDA as far as I can tell. Are we talking weeks or months of extra development time to impement features Microsoft require?

  2. Actually compile my game using Unreal Engine for XBOX - now I have a Windows build nearly complete. Do I just load up my project in UE for XBOX and build?