Questions about water and mixing materials

Hi friends, I’m finishing a “realistic” work to play on PC. Everything works fine on this platform but some shaders stop working when I compile for HTML5.
This is the look on pc: https://.com/watch?v=peDzC45Xzj8
and this is how it looks on the web:

The shaders of the walls and floor disappear. These are made with vertex paint, mixing textures (three ways blend) each with diffuse, specular and normal map.
The water looks bad too.

I use UE 4.8.1.

I’m lost now.

Do you know another method to make water and mixing textures in the same material to HTML5?
Do you know how to fix my errors?

I would like to found a guideline about creation of frequently shaders focused to HTML5.


Hey Jarnosrt8,

What does your project look like when it’s in the editor using ‘mobile preview’? Is it more similar to the HTML5 launch? Also, are you using source distribution or binary?

Hello , sorry to be slow to respond. I did not receive reply notification. I finished the work for WebGL finally. You can see it with chrome. It also runs with firefox but you have to disable the security system browser.

This is the work running in HTML5:

And this is an experiment to test particle system, instances and long size scene with baked lighthing for browser:

I’m not sure if I am using binary or source distribution (sorry, i’m autodidact) but there is a folder called “binaries” in my project folder.

Sorry for my english, this is a translation.