Questions about vectors

Hi. I have watched some tutorials, and I have some questions related to vectors.

  1. How is a vector defined in UE4. A vector variable is just x,y and z coordinates or it also contains direction and length.
  2. In this video:

By multiplying a vector by 2, you get a higher velocity. In UE4, does multiplying a vector increase its length or velocity ?

  1. Why in this video, the dev divides the vector length by 50 ? What vector length actually means in ue4 ? I imagine a vector as an arrow in the direction deducted from coordinates. By dividing the vector, the pillar spawns further or nearer to the vector point ? (the movable one)
4.In this video,
By multiplying the vector by 100, it increases its length so the projectile is spawned further (the end of the arrow/vector is further, because it’s longer) ?

  1. A vector is pretty much a point in 3-space. They share a lot, but vectors are thought of as a line from (0,0,0) to whatever point. That point is how a vector is defined. direction and length aren’t seperate, they are just natural properties of the line.
  2. Both. The velocity is going to be the length of the velocity vector.
  3. Can’t watch the video on mobile internet, but I can say that multiplying and dividing a vector by some number is just like scaling the vector without changing its direction.
  4. Yes.