Questions about utilizing the Epic Games Store

I’m looking forward to the chance to use this in the future. Steam definitely needs some competition. Talking to a friend working on a different game, he said that he’s interested in the Epic store, but is stuck with Steam since it relies on the Steamworks API for things like match making. Without an equivalent in the new Epic store, his game won’t be able to migrate. Is there currently, or is there going to be, an API that offers features like Steam does on Epic’s end? My own game is single-player so I hadn’t even considered such a thing. I know that the Epic Games Launcher has a friends list, and from what I know of Fortnite it has match making. But my entry level google-fu so far has just brought up results of how UE4 abstracts network play internally. Any information on this would be much appreciated.

Be patient, an API will be there eventually :slight_smile:

Epic already has an internal subsystem, referred to as OnlineSubsystemMCP, which is (was) used by UT and I assume by Paragon and Fornite as well. I believe they’ll eventually release that to the public.

This is a good question. What are people planning to use for DRM as well? None?