Questions about Using Free Unreal 4 Engine

I am interested in your company’s free Unreal Engine. But I cannot seem to find the answers to some questions I have about it. 1.Are 3D creation tools included with Free Unreal Engine? 2. Can I use my own art with Free Unreal Engine? 3. What files do I need to save my art in to download them onto Free Unreal Engine, if I can use my own art? I can use JPEG, BITMAP, GIF. I know how those work. I have a windows 10 operating system. I plan to use it to create some video games based on some books I have written, if I can. 4. Can I do this with Free Unreal Engine? I do not have that many recourses to work with and little money to work with. I do not plan to spend $1,000.00 us dollars worth of stuff. And I do not plan to sell the game at all. These games I want to create might well be only for me anyway. Or offered for free. 5. Can I offer free games with free Unreal Engine? But I am interested in making the games I plan in 3D. 6. Can Free Unreal Engine help me with these planned games? I plan to make perhaps 6 total right now. 7. Can I make more than 1 game with Free Unreal Engine? 8. Is the Unreal company okay with me not selling my games for money? 9. Is Unreal okay with me offering my games for free? 10. Since I will be making and spending less than $1,000.00 on each game, will Unreal be okay with making no royalties off my games? 11. Do I need to purchase asset tools from the asset store if I use free Unreal Engine, or is free unreal engine fully equipped? If I need to I will purchase things from the asset store. But only if I need to. 12. Is the Unreal Company okay with making money off me only in this way? I really do not have the finances to keep paying monthly fees, or yearly ones. As I said I have few resources and little money. 13. Are my limits going to be a problem for the Unreal company? I also have access to GIMP and a windows paint program. 14. Can GIMP and Windows paint be used with Free Unreal Engine? 15. Can Free Unity Engine handle large 3D video game projects? 16. When will the Unity Company want royalties from me? Sorry for all the questions, but these are things I need to know before attempting to use free Unreal Engine at all. I cannot afford even the cheapest subscription fee. And I am not a student, so unfortunately I can not use the student program. But I really want to use some 3D to spice up my games. Free Unreal Engine seems to be a match, but I want to be certain. Please help. Thank you

No, you cannot create 3d models in game engines. You’ll need 3d party software like blender or Autodesk Maya. Blender is free and open-source. Also, you cannot create textures in the unreal engine.
Unreal Engine is completely free for game development. You have to pay 5% of your earnings if you earned more than 1,000,000 USD from your games.
Epic Games is okay with you making no money from your game. This fits under the Creators license

Unreal Engine End User License Agreement for Creators: This license is free to use and 100% royalty-free; you can use it to create internal or free projects, or to develop linear content or custom projects for clients, but not for publishing off-the-shelf offerings.

  1. Texture Import Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation
  2. Yes. Make as many as you wish and can
  3. You don’t have to use the marketplace at all. You can develop everything on your own. The marketplace is just here to help.
  4. No. Your limits are your limits.
  5. Yes if you save your images in the right format. You can learn more about this in Texture Import Guide.
  6. Possibly yes. I’m not familiar with unity. But as I know unreal is a bit better at performance. Of course, if you do everything in the right way.
  7. No idea about unity policies.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

Thank you SunbeamOut! :heart: You have been most helpful. I do a little bit of art myself. But it is not exactly (3D) game quality yet. More like Final Fantasy chidi 2D if I have a good day doing my art! :joy: And I am entirely new to game creation and programming. I love :heart: (3D) but will settle for 2D if I must. Thank you so much for all the useful information.:heart:

Good luck with your game dev journey.
Mark the question resolved if you get all the help you looked for.

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