Questions about UMG and Paper 2D

this is a simple question hopefully. When I play my Paper 2D game all of the controls are done with the keyboard.
But before I can play I have to click the screen with the mouse…is there a way to stop from having to do that?

And with UMG I have a simple pause menu created that pulls up when you press P
Then you use the mouse to either click resume o quit which does as said.
Is there a way to have the keyboard work there instead of the mouse showing up??
And once I click resume the game comes back but I STILL have to click the mouse before my keyboard controls work…
I know most of this is still in progress?? But could someone possibly help me here?

Awesome! Thank you so much!!

yes i wanted to try this out and make sure it works. i dont want the cursor on the screen all the time and thats the result im getting.

I’ve setup my game the same way you’ve said to do and now and cursor is always on the screen. I only wanted it to be on the screen when UMG is on. Which it was…but Once I left UMG I’d have to click the screen again before the keyboard would work/…I’m either really confused or something…but I checked it a couple times.

Yes that is ABSOLUTELY correct. Which for now thats the case. Except when I first exit UMG I still have the Mouse and have to click the screen before the keyboard works…Id like that to not exist.

It seems all of the answer have been deleted. How can you turn off mouse cursor in UMG?