Questions about UGS (UnrealGameSync) update in UE5ea


We are trying to setup a new project in UE5-ea and we plan to use the UGS workflow as we did in last year in UE4.

The UGS project in UE5ea’s github repository is updated, and we found MetadataServer and PostBadgeStatus being removed. (Github commit link)

The message in commit shows that they are replaced by “Horde”, but we can not find any documents about this “Horde”.

What is this “Horde” and how can we use it? Thank you!

Horde is new CI/CD system like Jenkins or TeamCity created specifically for Unreal Engine by Epic. Sources are at Engine/Source/Programs/Horde

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Hi, I found the path you mentioned under ue5-main branch (does not exist on current 4.26 release or 5.0-ea branch). Problem solved.

Thanks for your reply!