Questions about UE features

Dear Epic, I’d like to know some more about Unreal Engine, in detail I’d like to know if:

  1. Can it extract/insert a frame in a video?
  2. Can it render 3D graphics (shot or video) to an external file?
  3. Can it de/mux video?
  4. Can it capture pic/video from cam or display (screencast)?
  5. Can it scan/print data?
  6. Can it capture pic/video from the desktop and system sound?
  7. Can the modular synth receive note events from a sequencer? (like a piano roll)
  8. Can the video be sequenced like with Premiere?

Big thanks in advance for your reply.

In case someone isn’t, will this be added?

Note these features are addressed at the editor, not the engine itself.