Questions about the tutorial "Working with Components and Actors Part 1"

So I just started using unrealengine, and decided to start with the tutorial and work my way through it. However in “Working with components and Actors Part 1” ive encountered an issue. I apply an actor to the level and then the tutorial asks me to apply a cone mesh to the actor, via the “add component” tab in Details. But when I do this the Cone goes to the defaultsceneroot instead and then the tutorial stops. I have no idea what I’m doing and the tutorial isn’t explaining how to fix this. Any help would be amazing.


The sceneroot is a default invisible component of the actor, any component that you add to an actor blueprint will be child of the sceneroot. You are doing nothing wrong. You will see a small white ball, but that thing is just to locate the actor, will not be visible in game.

Hi Kalavate,

Please supply a link to the tutorial you are following and I will look into this and try to resolve.


So I was using the Tutorial provided in the engine. Upon reading into it however, it turns out that by simply going to the next part of the Tutorial I skipped the issue. If you’d still like to look into it, it is the Blueprint Tutorial 1. Thanks for replying though, there is a very nice community for unreal.