Questions about the packing size

For landscape streaming, we’re using LandscapeProxy.
After this, size of package is increased about 6 times on Android(50 MB → 300 MB), but it isn’t on iOS.
I’m wondering whether it’s a known issue or we need to set extra options for Anroid.
I would appreciate for your help.

Hey ,

I tested this in 4.9.2 and 4.10 Preview 4. In 4.9.2, the landscape streaming created a project the size of 237MB for ETC2. The project without landscape streaming was created at 242 MB for ETC2. In 4.10.0 Preview 4 the project without landscape streaming is the size of 222 MB. The project with the landscape streaming is 70.7 MB.

These numbers were created off of the same type of template, but different projects. I then went back and tested this on the same project. I got 242 MB each time.

Could you please provide some additional information, or perhaps anything differently you may be doing than I am for the landscape streaming?

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

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We have not heard back from you in a few days, so we are marking this post as Resolved for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing the issue you reported, please respond to this message with additional information and we will offer further assistance.

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Sorry. i’m late.

Target device is the Android, Android has progressed to ETC1.
The size of cooked content was 40 MB without using sublevels.
But it was increased to 119 MB when using sublevels.

We tested for Android ETC1 with same textures and terrain.

Are you working out of 4.9.2 or have you moved into the 4.10 Previews?

I tested this again in 4.9.2. I packaged the project first without making any adjustments to the levels for ETC1. The size for this package was 1.04 GB (1,118,002,031 bytes). I then proceeded to add the streaming landscape into the project and packaged it for ETC1. The size for this package was 1.04 GB (1,122,479,988 bytes).

With this being said, if the landscapes you’re streaming aren’t optimized for the mobile device you’d like to push it to, you’re probably going to experience a large packaging size. Please keep in mind that landscapes are extremely performance intensive so optimizing is your best option.

Thanks for your reply.
It’s bizarre that cooked size isn’t increased in your environment.

Here are two projects that we tested.
is a project which doesn’t use sublevels
is a project which use sublevels and has a problem about cooked size for Android.

These are made with Unreal 4.10 Preview 4.
I would appreciate for letting me know the reason why cooked size is increased and the way how to prevent it.

Hey ,

I packaged both of your projects for Android ETC1. The LandscapePacking01 came in at 148 MB while the LandscapePacking02 came in at 101 MB. The projects seem to be identical except for the fact that one is streaming and the other is not. The streaming assets are broken up into smaller paks which make the file size smaller. When the landscape is simply on the map, it’ll be put into one larger pak file, thus creating an overall larger package.


Have any solution to solve this problem? I have same issue. When I use landscape streaming, sublevel file size after cook is so large. Most level from 200k to 2M. But after I delete the LandscapeProxy in the sublevel, the file size after cook back to normal, equal to the size before cook. thanks!


If you have a similar question to this one, please submit your own thread to AnswerHub. As stated in the answer to this question, depending on how your levels are set up will depend on the size of your package.

Thank you!