Questions about the default 3rd person character

Hey there,

I´m currently trying to learn how to animate a character and I´ve got a few questions about the default character, when you create a new 3rd person project.

Where does the default walking speed and jumping height come from? They don´t seem to be set in the Character Blueprint, even though I can change them there with nodes like “Set Max Walk Speed”.

When you change the characters walking direction, without moving the mouse, he will turn around. Where does this animation come from? The only animation sequences he has are Idle, Walk, Run, Jump Start, Jump Loop and Jump End. And how could you make him turn around faster?

There is a (1D) Blend Space for the Idle, Walk and Run animation sequences but none for the JumpStart, JumpLoop and Jump End sequences. Where does the smooth transition between these animations come from? I tried to reproduce the transition rules in the state machine, but for me there is an abrupt transition.

Thanks in advance.