Questions about the bones bound into the UE4 have change

Hi,When I import a binding good model model TPOSE bone point displacement happens Cause the location of the model when the animation is imported serious dislocation alt text

Although I don’t have a solution for your problem, you might want to try to word it more clearly. While your problem is somewhat visible, you might want to elaborate a bit on what you suspect is causing the issue.

More information is needed in order to troubleshoot…

  1. What program was this created in? (Looks like Maya)

  2. Are all joint rotations set to “0” at the T-pose/Bind-pose? Also, have all transformations been reset and history deleted?

  3. Have you checked your skin weights to ensure joints are influencing correct points on the mesh?

  4. What version of the editor are you using? Have you tried to import into earlier/later versions of the Engine?

  5. Are you making sure you are selecting joints and mesh assets only? (NO IK handlers, etc.)