Questions about the ‘AI Move To’ node!

Hey everyone,I use the’AI Move To’node to move AICharacter to TargetPoint. I hope that when AI finds Player, it will stop moving immediately, but AI will not stop. AI will continue moving to TargetPoint until it reaches the end point.

So my question is, in this case, how do I stop AI?:frowning:

There is a node called Stop Movement or something, that you can use to stop the current Move To task

I just got done setting up MY Behavior trees and using the move to node. If your just setting move to then it will keep executing that, Because normally its part of a sequence.

add something after move to like a wait node

Actually, I don’t use the behavior tree at present, but I will use the behavior tree to achieve these functions later, so thank you very much!:slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your method. It really works! Thank you so much.:slight_smile: