Questions about text chat

I had few questions about a verse script I am making. First, I’m making a text chat system in UEFN! Problem is there is no swear filter so I am building one in myself. I have it working but I want to add a feature that checks for spaces between words so you can’t space out a bad word. Problem is my code is not correctly finding the space character " " in my string and I’m not sure why. Also I wanted to ask if a text chat would be ok to publish as long as I get this filter working.

Try ’ ’ instead of " "

ayyy that works! thank you so much! :smiley:

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■■■■ lfg

can i add you somewhere and you send me your textchat script? id love you for that :smiley:

Hi all,

Just a heads up that any custom text-chat system would get denied in moderation.

Rule 1.2 “don’t provide other chat methods on your island, like chat boxes or custom keyboards”

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Hi there,

May i ask what is meant by chat box?
I have a rejection with that reason.
I have no custom keyboard on the island( i would not even know how to make one )
And i do not have a clue what is meant by chat box?

Do not have verse code on the island as well.

I am really struggling here to understand what i have done wrong, and what this means?

Hope you can help?

Hi Tinkerbell,

If you’re seeing a rejection for just Rule 1.2, there are other things in there that you could be in violation of.

Does the rejection message reference any specific asset?

The text chat bit is just preventing ways of in-island communication that would be outside of the chat moderation system.

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it just says the content in your creative island.
But i have took that up with customer service/helpdesk.
And that is where it is coming from that they say that there is a chat method.

Which i am so baffled about.