Questions about Sublevels

So I’m slowly starting to get to grips with things, but I realized I had put some spawner stuff on the main island level, is there a way to open the dino spawns sublevel primarily, but still see the terrain sublevel for placement?

Hi Astaelan,

You can select the dino spawns sublevel as your primary level and load the landscape with it too :slight_smile:

See my screenshot below for an example :

Great, that worked, thanks. Missed the stupid little eye for some reason. Now I have a new issue.

The first time I put a spawn volume, zone volume and manager on the island terrain level it worked fine. This time I tried putting it on the dino spawns sublevel and I’m not seeing anything spawn. This is just running single player through the editor (standalone client mode), so it shouldn’t be a matter of cooking or anything like that.

As far as I can tell I did it exactly the same as I did on the terrain level where it worked, but I’m going to remove it all, and try again on the terrain level to confirm that I didn’t muck something else up.

Is it possible that 2 different spawn/zone volumes overlapping would cause an issue (I did move the locations)? would my count be seeing other dinos not spawned from it, and thus not be spawning anything? although I had 2 locations and the second was on a beach that was virtually empty whenever I checked it over a 10 minute period (kept leaving the area to check the other).

If I can’t add to the dino spawns layer, where would be appropriate to try next. Should I add my own sublevel for my spawns? would this bloat the cooked TC a lot, or would it be a better way to do this to avoid complicated merging on updates later?

Any help would be appreciated.