Questions about start 4.11.1-release UE4Editor

Download the 4.11.1-release source code, using Visual Studio building, start UE4Editor, then an error.After I done many kind of way to solve this problem, such as heavy Visual Studio and Epic the Launcher.Try again to download making package, a lot of times.Or not, even the system to do it again.This error is like the devil.If which friend knows how to make solution can E-mail 。Thank you very much!!:):confused:86977-qq图片20160415101701.png

You can try opening the “.uproject” file for your project with a text editor and remove any plugin that looks like the oculus rift one under “Plugins”.


To tag onto what Ryan said above… You could just change the TRUE to FALSE so you will not get that error. Try regenerating project files and if you get a dialog box about needing to reload, click OK. Then, build again. You also might want to look here: \UnrealEngine\Engine\Plugins\Runtime and ensure that the necessary directories / files are present. Hope this helps.


PS: Another suggestion is to get the UE4 addon for Visual Studio 2015… This way, you can just click the refresh button so you do not need to run the generate .bat file…