Questions about "Set Clipping Planes"

I’m actualy developping a first person game for GearVR and I’ve found that this node ( Set Clipping Planes | Unreal Engine Documentation ) could help me to increase my game performance but I still have some questions and there’s no real documentation about this so:

  • The clipping is black, I will use fog to hide the transition but a black screen behind a white fog is still visible. Is it possible to change this color?
  • It’s clipping the geometry beyond the far clip, which is good but I need my skysphere to not be clipped, how do I exclude it from the clipping?

Bind the skysphere to the camera (position only), set its size to the tangent of the far clip plane. This will fix both problems.

You mean moving the skysphere with the player? Moving a mesh of that size is a performance killer. I tryied and i’m loosing almost 20fps while moving.

Can I have an answer from Epic? This node would be useless if the clipping cull the sky

Bump? I still need help about this

At least, can someone from Epic tell me what’s the point of this node? Why it’s here? How are we supposed to use it, etc

I can’t think that some devs has added a node in the editor without thinking of a use for it.
Unity has far clipping distance setting on camera and the possibility to chose differents distance settings by “layer” since 2012 and UE4 just can’t do that five years later?