Questions about Procedural Level Generation

Hello all! I have come to the realization that I am not a team of a thousand therefore, I’ve been thinking about using procedural level generation to create maps during or before run time.

  • How has everyone been going about it around here?
  • What resources do you recommend for learning about this and what algorithms to use?
  • I plan on using modular assets with it. (for example, different parts can be combined to create a hall with doors: hall_standard->hall_standard->hall_standard_withdoor->hall_standard->hall_standard) What technique is best for something like this?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

It’s going to depend greatly on what you’re actually doing. For instance with the UE4 Kite demo, the vegetation is proceduraly, it automatically populates based off texture maps and material settings.

Epic talked about procedural buildings a few years ago

Thanks for the replies guys! That PDF was very interesting. It will definitely help me out. :slight_smile: Though, one thing that I’ve always wondered about is how Daylight’s level generation works. Any idea? :smiley:

Hi guys,
Pardon my noobishness.
A game like GTA or Watchdogs, how do they deal with such high polygon counts?
After all, since it’s 3rd person, you can look 360 degrees around you, so do they hide far away buildings… Or what?