Questions about packaging

Hi. I started the packaging process yesterday, and after 28 hours it didn’t finished and I had to stop it. At that time, my project was 1.5 Gb. Now, I have learned from mistakes, and migrated all the maps to a new project, so now my project has about 400mb. Also, the new project has no source controll, so no timeouts. Now I have some questions about packaging. I wish to select the right settings.

  1. what does for distribution checkbox do ? Should I check it, even if the build configuration is selected for shipment?
  2. If I select the build for shipment, lines that I post with Print String do not appear in the final build ?
  3. If the full rebuild checkbox is deselelected, and I stop the packaging process, after I start packaging again, it resumes from where it left or starts all over again ?
  4. What packaging times could be considered normal for a 400mb project ?
  5. I’ve read that if you deselect indexing files for the project folder, the package time is lower. Is this true ?

I’ve also uninstalled Visual Studio 2015, because in the logs there were messages that told me about a faulty install and since my project is Blueprints only, this might help avoid other errors.

OK so it appears that UE 4.11 had a bug that prevented the projects to be built with a dual core machine . Upgrading to 4.12.3 solved the problem, and now the project compiles in a few hours.