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Hey Epic community, I am curious about online jobs. let me explain the situation. My wife has multiple sclerosis, and just recently her father passed away, the job we both currently have was the same workplace her father was manager at. It has been increasingly more difficult for her to work there as the added stress of him not being there is going to cause her to have an attack. Honestly for us both to be managers and still only make $13 an hour is not going to help if she ends up in the hospital and misses work and added bills to pay. As an added stress we have also inherited a home and moving is not an option, this property is owned between three sisters of my wife’s. So my question is I need to find a job that’s online but still pay for my skills in game development. If circumstances are right, I would move for a job, but my concern is weather as that’s a big factor for my wife’s health. Too hot of weather she will have an attack, to cold and shes in constant pain. That’s why I’m seeing if anyone has some suggestions or offers. Thanks for hearing my issues everyone, I hope you guys might be able to help. I’m sort of in desperate need of it.

Hey dude. Thats a very delicated situation.
What do you do? Programming, art?

Also, what do you mean with “online jobs”?

I’m not a full time developer for a lot of reasons ie: Brazil hasn’t a good game market and etc. What do i do? i have a full time job (IT related) and i get some 3D freelancing from time to time (hoping to get a full time game job) because i have to bring home money. Said that, not having a full time game dev work related will be hard to help but i would suggest keep on searching 24/7 on every company site, discord, forums like here (the job board). Even Reddit shows some nice jobs.

Things will be better, good luck!

Really when it comes to online jobs I could do many things. Level design is one I could do very well so long as I have the proper assets, I can program with c++ or java, or even be a QA tester. Yet, at this point I’d be willing to do just about anything. I have had people tell me online surveys but, I have a problem with that, it doesn’t fulfill my creative needs. I can create a game on paper no problem. sometimes the programming part is the most difficult. I have also heard of online administrators, for example a person who plays an online game and takes notes of bugs and player complaints relays the issues to the programmers to get fixed. The problem is I don’t know any companies that are legit companies, that have that kind of a job. It does sound fun though. Any way thanks for looking at my post, and I will keep looking, I just thought I should check here first.

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Sorry to hear about your situation dude… Only know 2 ways to solve it. One is hard to find, the other is hard to do. Finding stable reliably-paid predictable online-work on an ongoing basis, is something everyone desires as it means killing the commute and working from home too. But Its tough to find and a minefield of timewasters, scammers and scams are waiting to dupe you imho.

The other option is arbitrage where you’re living right now for somewhere else far cheaper and with a nicer climate. For some, that means heading to a beach in the Caribbean. For others that means heading up the Andes to get mild predictable weather all year round without seasons / humidity. Both offer cheaper cost of living! I suppose it comes down to this: Do you speak any other languages + what’s the cost of living like where you are…