[Questions] About NPC Remap and the new patch v193

Will this patch break everything? As i modified all of the character_bp and status then remap the modified character_bp to replace the old one
Seems like the new patch will change the Egg AI stuff (which was in the Character_BP)

So wondering if any mod that has NPC remap will break now?

If dev can answer this, will be appreciated… this will help me to save my time from modding the character_bp any further

If you have replaced the old character BP it should be fine. Anything using your mod files will be using just your mod-files for your dinos.

Well so that mean the new Egg Ai will not happen if i’m using my mod then XD i revampt the entire dinos list (every single one of them) lolz

Yes, you would be taking out any new mechanics they add to the characters.

Ya, hopefully there is a way for Dev to release dev kit and patch at the same time :confused: the benefit of mod is really great but … kinda overlap with the patch as the delay is really further apart now :smiley:

They did with v190, and I am sure they will do more again in future versions. This is honestly, just a part of the price we pay for doing what we are doing in early access. It will start to even out eventually, just gotta be patient :smiley:

agree :slight_smile: not complain lolz :smiley: best Dev team :slight_smile:

Seems like the patch broke my Titanoboa mod as well. Well, didn’t exactly break the mod, but now the Titanboa’s physics are way off. The head will go underground and the body won’t align with the terrain.

Any way to somehow open the new v.193 files in the Devkit?

Aha judqment8, we actually broke the Titanboa in the regular game too! – it’ll be fixed in a few min, and that’ll fix your mod as well :wink:

(that said, v193 devkit is going up right now too)


Oh, thanks a lot! I love you guys, I thought the update somehow bugged my mod : D

Wow XD best Dev ever :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously the Devs work so hard. You guys have no idea sometimes the hours they put in for Ark and the Dev Kit xD

I’ve got mad respect for everyone at Wildcard and for how hard they strive to do their best every day. They are setting a new standard in Game Design if you ask me. All the other AAA game companies would cry uncle with Wildcard’s schedule I bet :stuck_out_tongue:

While I admire their work deeply I do hope that they take breaks when they feel like it. After all you should always be enjoying doing to stuff not feel like you are “forced” to do it. So yeah, keep up the excellent work, but don’t wear yourselves out! :3

That is what I’ve been saying!