Questions about New Project structure

Hello, I’m new here and I have a couple of questions regarding how to best setup your project. I mostly mod things and someone might notice me from an infamous Conan Exiles mod. Anyways…

I’m building a single player game with asset packs from the marketplace. I buy them and download them into my Vault. Then they I click on “Add to Project”. This is all fine. But I find out the all of the assets in the pack get added to my project whether I was going to use them or not. So here is my stream of questions…

  1. Doesn’t the game needlessly bloat up if you add gigs and gigs of assets that the user will never see?
  2. What if I create a “dummy” project and just install everything into that so I can see it and then decide later to migrate it into my actual game project?
  3. For asset packs that want you to create a project out of them by clicking “Create Project” instead of being able to “Add to Project”. Are they expecting me to use a “dummy” project anyways?

Thanks if you have any insight you wouldn’t mind sharing.

The final packaged game only includes what is actually being used by your project, either in the maps you tell it to package or specific directories.

I recommend following the UE4 Style Guide created by Allar, including the idea of keeping all your projects content under its own subdirectory.

Then you can quite happily leave any marketplace content where it is until you modify it so much it should be moved to a location under your projects content somewhere :slight_smile:

Awesome. I was just assuming it was smart about packaging up projects. I just wasn’t absolutely sure. And that style guide is going to help me a lot. Thanks Kris.