Questions about minimum hardware and running out of video memory

I’ve had a report from a playtester about a CTD because of running out of video memory (error reports below):

They’ve shared their system specs - this is an inspiron 5570 laptop. I dont see the GPU mentioned but I google searched, and it seems like it might have an AMD Radeon 530.

I am not a hardware guy, but from what I can tell this is like, very low end laptop that should only be expected to run basic games. Am I correct in that assumption?

I am trying to determine if it is reasonable to try and optimize the lower graphics settings to be able to perform on hardware like this in my game. For reference, here is some images what my project looks like:

It is an open world with dynamic lighting and lots of foliage. My development machine is this:

and on high graphics settings the game runs around 30fps on my machine. On ultra it sometimes dips below 30fps during sunrise/sunset when shadows are longer. Usually the GPU draw time is ~20m/s.

If I reduce screen resolution to 90% usually the FPS gets closer to 60fps.

Besides the obvious stuff of reduce texture size, view distance, shadow res, etc, I am not sure there is much I can do?

I’d appreciate any advice from you hardware gurus. Thanks!


Would you like me to swap this thread over to debugging and optimization? Might get a bit more help there! If not, I’ll leave it. Just want to offer :slight_smile:

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Sure thing, thanks.

I’ve got a bit of help on this from outside this forum, I’ll update this thread a little later with what I’ve learned so far. I’ve been able to make some huge performance gains and also more or less solved the problem that caused CTD for that particular user.

But more insights certainly wouldn’t hurt!

Swapped it over for ya, good luck in finding solutions. Your game looks beautiful btw! :slight_smile:

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