Questions about making a golf game.


I have played with the Third Person template and made my character hit the ball (shoot a projectile as the ball). Its working good for what I’m going for.

Now i would like to structure it more like a golf game where you shoot a shot and then it loads you to the next shot.

Would i be doing this in the Game Mode? Like map spawns. Place the character on the tee pad where the player start is. Line up hit the ball. Then once the balls stops moving. Then spawn you at the ball location and you hit again till you reach the goal (ball in cup).

Where would the Game State come into this @? would i be using the game state as tracking like, Im in Shooting State, Or Aim State, Or putting State. OR would it be more for like Menu State, In Game State, Game Over State.

Any help , or insight is appreciated.


Game State is more for things like, the current Score, how many shots have been taken on a particular hole, things like that.

The logic you outlined for spawning the player seems pretty solid. Once the ball stops rolling, spawn the player at its location so they can take another shot.

Thanks. I did what you said pretty much. I created a next shot function in the Game Mode. That function took in the location vector of the ball. In the function i just move the player to that position. Thanks again that helped me connect the dots.

Easy way to do the transition as well is to play a matinee with a fade effect on it. Really easy way to do a teleport without instantly jumping between locations.