Questions about making a 2d side scroller game

I have a couple questions about how to make a side scroller almost akin to castlevania.

  1. Could I use planes to construct the character both player and enemies and if so how would I be able to set up a damage system for that.

  2. Animation wise would you simply switch out meshes i.e a different mesh for a jump or duck and on button release or delay it would change the mesh back to the original.

  3. How would you handle having locked items/powers until they are unlocked?

  4. How would i set it to where enemies wouldn’t be “active” until they appear on screen so larger levels run smooth or would that not be much of an issue?

Thanks for the help in advance and please be as detailed as possible as I’m still quite new :slight_smile:

  1. Best practice is to use sprite characters
  2. For animation use a flipbook (made from a spritesheet with the animations)
  3. Their are youtube tutorials for locked items/powers, 3D tutorials can still be applied to 2D as its just 2D objects in a 3D space. It will be a little long to explain it in one message. But basically make a item/power, set a boolean that needs to be true to activate it, only turn on that boolean when you want the player to unlock it
  4. It wouldnt be a issue unless you had thousands of characters on the screen at once as unreal only renders in what you can see

The easiest way to start off is search on youtube for 2D tutorial in UE4:

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