Questions about lighting and updating the game


I’m currently testing my game on my Galaxy S6 and it loads no problem. The problem comes in with the lighting. My game is all dark and you cant really tell what’s going on. What kind of lighting should I use if I just want to light up my world? Currently it’s set up as a directional light.
My next question is, when I make changes to the game in the engine itself, do I have to re-launch the game again or is there a quick way to just apply the updates to the app that’s on the phone? Any help or advice is much appreciated!!


P.S: This is what it looks like on my phone.


Hi Mike,

You can try two things;

  1. Try have the SkySphere and SkyLight in your map. If you already have SkySphere, just add the SkyLight.
  2. Apply Emissive materials to all your actors/mesh/models in your scene/game.


Thanks for the options, but I figured out that I had to crank up my directional lighting intensity to almost all the way up. A little crazy but it worked! Thanks!