Questions about licence


I want create an open-world game and submit it on Steam. Now I thinking about engine.
I want use Unreal Engine but I have a few questions.

  1. I want submit game in Early Access. When I earn 3000$ I must pay Epic Games 5%. When I must pay them? When game is in early access or when I’ll released full version?

  2. Valve take 30% tax from each sold game. If I earn 3000$ and Valve take 900$ I must pay for Epic Games? Or when I get 3000$ after taking tax by Valve?


1—You only pay royalty on the amounts above $3,000 each quarter, so if you make $4,000 you only pay royalty on $1,000
As per the FAQ:

2–You pay Epic 5% of the gross revenue, meaning the amount you would make before everyone gets their payment, so the amount before Valve takes their 30% cut. Though again, you only pay 5% of the amount you make beyond $3,000 per quarter. So if you make $10,000 you would owe Valve $3,000 (30% of $10,000) and Epic $350 (5% of $7,000)

I thought unreal was free by now?
Didnt know that they still want a revenue.
But well… they deserve it anyways.

Ok. Thanks
But You probably didn’t understand my first question.

I mean games in early access is like beta version.
They aren’t released as full playable version.
I must pay for Epic when game is in Early Access (Beta) or only then I realased full game (v 1.0)?

Value for value.
How they present their engine is more than generous. They are entitled to the fruits of their creative labor, as much as they can stomach.

You only need to pay them if you are earning more than $3000 gross revenue per quarter, so if Early Access is earning that amount of money, you will need to pay.

If you are selling the game, then you must pay royalty, it doesn’t matter if the game is complete or not. That includes crowdfunding as well–if you have a reward tier that gives access to the game that you can’t get for free then you have to pay royalty on the value of the game.

Ok. Thanks for help