Questions about latencies, Leap Motion and Oculus Rift

Dear Community,

I’m a German student and currently I am writing my bachelor thesis, in which I would like to test the influence of latencies in VR with Oculus Rift.
To create a VR and a simple task for my experiment, I would like to use the unreal engine 4. I have never worked with an engine before, so I am totally new to this and that’s why I have a lot of questions and I’d be very grateful, if you could help me :)!
I’d like to create a simple task like stacking dices/cubes. To make it more realistic with the oculus rift, I would like to create a table/desk with the cubes on top. I am thinking about using Leap Motion to move these cubes during the game.
And these are my questions: How can the player move objects during the game, for example with Leap Motion? How do I set this up?
And how can I set up an over all latency (for example 50ms)? I’d like to have a delay during the whole game, but it is important that I can set up the exact number of milliseconds.

Thank you very much in advance!!


I am studying leap motion with UE4. I hope that I can get a deeply communication with you. Because I meet the same question with you. this is my email: