Questions about he way the Unreal Engine License works

Not sure if this is the right area or not so hope its in the right place.

I am currently on Unity3D and after alittle playing in Visual Studio, reading all the docs I run accross ect, I am pretty much set up making a switch for unreal.
But a few questions how things work and such.
Currently one of my bigger projects has a team of 3 ppl including myself working on it, sometimes all seperatly sometimes together at the same time.
On Unity I am running a server that in a way keeps everyone in sync with the files and such and each person on the team connects to that server. In Unreal, is there is a way to do that in the engine itself or would I need to make a program to do it? Like is there a repository or something that the engine has that allows diffrent ppl to connect to and work on the same projects together or is more designed around i do alittle here compress it up and send it to someone else that does some stuff then mails it back and fourth or ftp downloads and such?
On the Licensing side, if I am paying for it for a few months, but then having money issues and I cant afford a month, or so, im disabled and dont make money doing these things yet, so sometimes money is tight, would that disable the engine itself or just stop me from updating to new releases or prevent me from publishing/releasing stuff or what would happen if payment wouldnt be made?
I see it has a option for publishing to HTML5 but not for flash, and I dont see a option on Google AdSense for HTML5 just flash projects to allow advertising, is there other ways to make web based projects like a add on or something to allow flash/swf for things like adsence? or is there a diffrent place to get advertising for html5 or standalone projects to help make alittle income while working on stuff?

When you cancel your subscription you can still use the versions you had access to, you just no longer get any more updates or access to the source code. You can also still release games while not on subscription, same royalty rules apply.
UE4 doesn’t support Flash as a build option, UE3 did, but with UE4 they went with HTML5. As for HTML5 features, it’s not complete yet so more things will probably be coming for HTML5. Though you can certainly add that type of thing yourself if you know the coding.

For the server you’re talking about, you would want something like any SVN client or the free version of Perforce, both are integrated into the engine. Both are meant to allow multiple people to work on projects at once, last I checked Perforce was actually how Epic develops internally, but either will work.

If you cancel your sub, the only thing you lose is updates. You can use the engine for life, and you can release any games you want (it will still be under the royalty though).

There is no flash support, only HTML5 for the UE4. I thought I saw something about integrating ads into it, but I’m not really into mobile dev so it’s not something I’m terribly knowledgeable in.