Questions about exporting animated character from Maya

When i export my character from maya the frames in UE and Maya dont match. Its like there are100 more frames in UE in total. And since i dont see keyframes in UE its hard to separate them.
I suspect the best option is to export each animation individually from Maya, howver in not 100% sure how to do that.

First question is: I am using a Set Master Pose Component node to sync my character as he is 4 different meshes because he will have changable clothing and gear. Does this mean i only need
to export the animations for the base mesh and not the other 3, or do i only need to export animations for the skeleton and ignore the meshes?? (They all share the same skeletton)

Second question is: How do i export only animations? Most tutorials i watch they use animation they got from somwhere else, so they already have the animation files.

This is all new to me so im really confused :slight_smile:

Nm solved it.