Questions about cutting skeletal meshes at runtime

My problem:

I have an animated character (SkeletalMeshComponent). I want to be able to slice it in half and have both parts fall as separate ragdolls. I don’t want the slicing to be pre-made in the mesh. It has to be procedural (yes, like Metal Gear Rising)

My vague solution:

I want to more or less follow this plan:

  1. Prior to cutting, save all bones, vertex, skinning, material, ragdoll colliders info
  2. Procedurally generate two new meshes that represent the two halves of the original mesh (based on the saved vertex positions and material)
  3. Generate two new separate rigs that represent the bones that were originally assigned to the two new mesh parts before they were cut
  4. Re-apply skinning information
  5. Regenerate ragdoll colliders
  6. Apply ragdoll

Result: I swing my sword at someone who is running at me and it should slice them in half, and both parts should be falling to the ground in ragdoll :eek:

My Questions:

  • Can procedural meshes be skinned at runtime? Can they even be animated at all (using ragdoll)?
  • If ProceduralMeshComponent cannot be skinned, is there a way to generate a procedural skeletal mesh?
  • How are bones represented in UE4? I’ve seen methods for retrieving bone names and indexes in SkeletalMeshComponent, but how do I access a bone’s information, like the associated vertex skinning data?
  • How can I manually create a new bone at runtime and set its skinning info? Or is skinning info assigned to vertices?

Just wondering if you ever figured this out.

Not yet. I’ll look into it more seriously eventually when I have more free time. I’ll post my progress back here if I find something

Sorry to necro your thread, but I’m curious if you ever made progress creating ragdolls from a procedural mesh.