Questions about custom collision channels

Ok so I go to Project Settings / Engine / Collision, and I create a new object channel, and I’m presented with a choice of three different default collision responses - ignore, overlap, and block, I hit compile, and now my new channel appears at the bottom of the list in the collision of all components, in the default response I chose.

Now for the selected object, there are collision choices, as to how the object reacts to other things in the world stage. But what exactly sets a specific object to a certain channel? Is that what “object type” is for?


Yes, object type it is. If you set your collision presets to custom, then you can freely choose, as what kind of object it will appear. Your custom channels are listed below those 5 default channels. In my case, i created Destructible, Tilemap, Items, WallsAndObstacles as custom channels. So items would get my “Items” type.

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Thank you.