Questions about creating a game for PS4 and packaging

Hi, I always have this question in my head about how do programmers make a PS4 game and packaging it? Do programmers or people have to use an PS4 controller to make a game in UE4 and after that how to package a PS4 game to a disc? i seen the setting but wondering how?

I think some use an engine and they are also provided with a dev kit and lots of other stuff to help them create their game for the ps4 console.

You have to get approved as a developer and then you can get a dev console and access to the software.

What about PS3? I want to transfer my arch scene to PS3 and walk around with controller is that possible?

Same deal, you have to become a Playstation developer. Also, UE4 doesn’t support PS3.

For Xbox One you can develop on the console for free though–there’s a build of UE4 from Microsoft that has Universal Windows Platform support which means that you can test on a regular Xbox One without having to join the Xbox developer program.

You may want to have a look at this and some of the requirements etc:

How exactly would one program a game with a PS4 controller 0_o?

Seems like a nice extreme game jam event :stuck_out_tongue:
Make a game for PS4 with a PS4 controller in VR environment!

As long as that nice VR keyboard is available that they showed off last stream, bongo drum your way to jam victory!

I don’t know about packaging, but if you have any shipping, storage (warehouse), or logistics question; PLEASE feel free to ask. I work in logistics and I love figuring things out. I can help you figure out the supply chain command for the game distribution. Keep it in mind!