Questions about creating a 2D game

hi,i’m new to UE,i’m still learning but i didn’t saw what a needed,so i’m asking there :
we can “easily” create a 3D game,but,i wanted to create a small mobile game in 8bits, BUT !
how do we create a 2D game?
is it the same as a 3D game?
will it make the game harder to run on mobile phones if we creat it in 3D?
thanks for your help !

Hi, firstly do you know how to use properly ue4? If not go watch the EPIC tutorials for it, and some tutorials that you can easily find in youtube. To make a 2d game firstly you need to make 2d assets with photoshop or GIMP or generally some softwares that can handle transparent backgrounds (so you can’t use MS paint unless you are planning to make just cubes and rectangulars and things like that). When you imported your finished assets in unreal you can start creating the game logic either via blueprint (visualt scripting) or via C++ (that i do not recommend unless you know it at a certain level already). However reading your post i feel like you never used a game engine before so i would recommend you to follow some tutorials on how to build an entire (even if small) game with ue4 (possibly starting by basic assets creation) like this Blueprint Creating a 2D Side-Scroller | 01 | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube. If you already know assets creating and you grasped a bit on the engine you can go on to 2d game making with ue (the previous link is a 2d game) or (as i said before) you can easily find either on youtube or in the learn page of the unreal engine website some tutorials in 2d game creation. Aw a final tip: start small like recreating old games like pong or arkanoid even flappy bird, do not start with complicate 2d or 3d games trust me. I Hope i can help you with this message, good luck for your game!

ok thank you,it’s not this type of 2D game that i was talking,i was thinking the top view,but i guess it work the same.
Thank you !

UE4 is overkill for 2D games at the moment. You’d be better off with game maker or unity.

Hey ,
You can do it and if you have a decent enough pc it’s fine. I did it and the game works just fine on low end mobile devices as well . It’s just that unreal does lack quite a few features specializing in 2D.

Hello bymac,

To answer your question there is no “traditional” 2d inside UE4.
UE4 is a 3d engine and as such everything you will create it will be 3d.
You just use a different camera setup and you try to create everything as thin a possible in order to fake the fact that ue4 has one more dimension (depth) as well, when using a perspective camera.
Ortho does not have this issue but your game will lack parallax scrolling out of the box.

UE4,Unity etc is nothing more than a tool. Everything has its pros and cons.
But in the end of the day no engine will make the game for you. You will be limited only by your skill and effort you are willing to put in.
So whatever engine you choose, just stick with it till the end , and you will succeed!