Questions about converting a Windows project to iOS

Hi guys,

A client asked me to convert a Windows project (only blueprint, no c++) to an IPad.

  • can I compile and package this project to iOS from Windows? (I know i can test a blueprint project but it’s unclear in the doc for the packaging) or do i need to buy a Mac?

  • Is the App store mandatory to send the app to my client or is there a way to upload it directly to the Ipad?

Many thanks for your help!

Hi, If you want to publish the app to the app store then you will need access to a Mac. You can only upload to itunes using a mac. As for converting the game and testing etc you can do this entirely on your PC if it is blueprint only. You will need an Apple Developer account though in order to create the required certificates


Thanks for the answer Insanerob,

I don’t want to publish on the app store.

Can I just upload a packaged version to the Ipad of my client without using a Mac and app store ?