Questions about building unreal engine as a library

Hello, I just started looking into “building unreal engine as a library” for my app. As I understand so far, UELibraryApp takes the map through UELibraryProject and use whatever feature was in that map, and UELibraryApp NEEDS UELibraryProject to work. I have 2 Questions:

  1. Does UELibraryApp requires the whole UELibraryProject folder to work, or only some files? Since UELibraryProject takes up 70GB after getting built which is a lot for distributing to players.
  2. After starting UELibraryApp, I can move the camera around in the StarterMap with arrow keys and awsd. I figured this is a feature from the map itself, so can I disable this feature using codes in UELibraryApp.cpp? Or do I need to make my own map and disable moving around?

i try in this days made a project like a library, and use this project in the place of UELibraryProject . I understood you can made a dll of project and using the dlls and the project with app like a UELibrayApp, but i am not sure, if I succeed i write Again.
However, i think is very hard to distributing any library like this.